How to do a lingam massage correctly


  1. Hidden meanings of lingam massage.
  2. Pros of the technique.
  3. Would you like to book a lingam massage?
How to do a lingam massage correctly

Lingam means “rod of light”, in simple terms, it refers to the penis. Although this technique is often compared to masturbation, this is not true. The girl during the session touches the man’s penis with her fingers, palm, rubs, squeezes and strokes it. The main goal is to practically bring the client to orgasm and stop in time. You can not let the man ejaculate as long as possible – so the pleasure will be maximized. Additionally, the testicles, perineum and prostate can be caressed.

The erotic salon Tiffany massage in Prague employs experienced masseuses – they will perform the procedure at a high level and are always open to feedback from the client. The masseuses undergo special training, which allows them to give massages at a high professional level. They find an approach to each man, know how to relax and satisfy the guest. Your task is to forget for a while about endless troubles and worries, to immerse yourself in inner sensations. This will allow you to rock on the waves of pleasure and excitement, and in the final session to experience a powerful and vivid ejaculation.

Lingam massage in Tiffany massage teaches you to feel your body better, to manage your desires and sexuality, to control the process of ejaculation, to prolong sexual intercourse. With adequate practice, you can count on multiple orgasms during intimate encounters with your partner.

The hidden meanings of the lingam massage.

In tantra it is believed that a girl, giving pleasure to a man by massaging the “rod of light” herself is filled with powerful energy. For a woman such contacts are useful – they open up her sexuality, familiarize her with sensitive points of the body, teach her to accept herself and her partner.

Also lingam massage effectively improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, brings variety to the sexual game. Simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and testicles can strengthen erection, make it stable and prolong sexual intercourse.

In Tiffany massage salon the effect begins with a general massage – the masseuse will remove muscle clamps and blocks, massage the shoulders, caress the chest and abdomen. This will relax the man, put him in the right mood and allow him to experience maximum pleasure from the session. Ready to light candles or make the light brighter, to take into account your other wishes. For pleasant painless gliding we use oil, gel or cream – cosmetics are already included in the price of the procedure. It eliminates unpleasant friction.

Pros of the technique.

Lingam massage at an attractive price is pleasant and very beneficial. The procedure helps:

  • release accumulated tension and stress;
  • increase vigor and energy levels;
  • reboot;
  • forget about endless worries;
  • to relax, to get in the mood;
  • learn how to control ejaculation;
  • increase libido;
  • improve the quality of your intimate life;
  • make a qualitative acquaintance with your body and its intimate zones.

It is always necessary to start from afar – from the hands, shoulders, be sure to pay attention to the areas around the penis. The main movements are carried out from bottom to top and only after the penis becomes hard enough.

Would you like to book a lingam massage?

Erotic lingam massage at Tiffany massage salon will take you to the world of magic for a while. Interacting with the gorgeous female staff members is a separate kind of art and pleasure. You can order just a massage or supplement the main procedure with an erotic show performed by beauties.

In Tiffany massage salon a man can realize the most daring wishes (one taboo is intimacy). There are many mirrors in the rooms so that you can admire what is happening. Other pluses of the institution:

  • Salon is located in the center of Prague, approximately 250 m from Můstek metro station.
  • 6 rooms with fresh repair.
  • Hot drinks for every taste!
  • Hot drinks for every taste!Disposable bed linen, towels, slippers and shower accessories. All rooms are equipped with showers!
  • Shower in each room.
  • Largo selection of masseuses.
  • City parking.
  • Guarantee of anonymity.
  • Additional services on request.

Reception is conducted by appointment only. Call or leave a request to choose a convenient time, book it. All profiles with parameters and photos of girls on the site are up to date: you can focus on them when choosing. Another option: come to the club and request a demonstration of masseuses in a shift in a separate room. We guarantee confidentiality, individual approach, we work without weekends.

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Beautiful design, exciting music, beautiful masseuses, 6 massage rooms, each with a separate shower. Yes! We are the best salon in Prague.

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