What is erotic massage?


1.   The essence of the service.

2.   Who will be interested?

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a kind of intimate leisure for adults. The procedure relaxes, gives pleasure and helps to reboot. You can get it in the erotic massage parlor Tiffany massage near the subway station “Můstek”. We work around the clock, we accept requests by phone and online. Prices are among the best in Prague.

Do not confuse eromassage with sexual services. This type of leisure excludes intimate contacts and is aimed at visual pleasure, relaxation of the whole body. In Lesbian massage show you can order a full-fledged erotic show performed by experienced masters. But communication with beautiful masseuses is a pleasure in itself. There are girls of different types working in the salon – see photos and parameters in the profiles, all data are real. Each room of the massage parlor is freshly renovated and decorated in an individual style. If you sign up for erotic massage, you can count on an individual approach, high level of service and maximum professionalism.

The essence of the service

Erotic massage is a type of relaxotherapy that does not involve intimacy. With the help of special massage techniques, the master of erotic massage helps the client to maximize relaxation and pleasure, to reveal sensuality, to release tension and stress, to experience a bright discharge. Like other types of massage, erotic massage has a positive effect on muscles, skin and internal organs, improves blood circulation, awakens the flow of vital energy.

In many respects the result depends on the atmosphere created, so in this matter we are not looking for compromises. Warm room, relaxing music, dim light, aroma lamp or candles, massage oil are waiting for you. A visit to the salon of erotic massage “Tiffany massage” brings maximum benefit and pleasure, helps to develop sensual potential and look at intimate relationships in a new way. The main part of clients are men, but women may also be interested in the offer.

The main goal of erotic massage is not so much orgasm as complete relaxation of the client with the help of gentle touches alternating with stroking and quite intense impacts. Erotic massage uses movements similar to classical massage, plus additional stimulation: vibrations, massage with fingertips, hot breath, lips and even teeth. Body technique implies body-to-body massage, during the procedure the girl will be completely naked.

Relaxing erotic massage is beneficial to the nervous system, helps to calm down and neutralizes the effects of stress. So a course of procedures in the erotic massage parlor in Prague “Tiffany massage” will be not only a pleasant vacation, but also an excellent investment in your own health.

Who would be interested?

Erotic massage salon is a paradise in the succession of endless everyday life and the territory of your comfort. Services will be of interest to:

  • Couples. Eromassage can improve intimate relations between partners, strengthen communication and increase the level of trust. It contributes to the improvement of sexual life and brings new shades to the relationship.
  • Guests who want to relieve tension and stress. Deep relaxation is guaranteed. Special massage techniques help to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and general condition of the body.
  • Seekers of new sensations. If you want to expand your horizons, to bring variety to your intimate life, we definitely recommend it.
  • People who want to raise self-esteem. You can be sure: close communication with our fairies will help you believe in yourself.

Sessions in the salon of erotic massage help to improve contact with your own body, increase sensuality. You will be able to awaken the fire of passion, which you did not even suspect before, and our girls will gladly help you in this.

Erotic massage parlor near the subway station “Můstek” conducts massages by appointment. Leave an application or call to choose a convenient time. Eromassage will be useful to absolutely everyone, will be an interesting bright experience, will help to improve health and raise the quality of intimate life. Now it is easy to achieve harmony of body and soul.

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