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Tiffany massages – the best erotic and tantric massages in Prague

Massage is one of the oldest healing methods and there are more than a hundred different types of massage based on different cultures that can be combined with each other. Tiffany massage specializes exclusively in erotic and tantric massages, which it offers as its only services.

Erotic massage is a form of massage with an erotic touch, during which intimate parts are massaged. It does not involve sexual intercourse. It can have similar principles to tantric massage, where the emphasis is on energy connection. You can prepare for a relaxing experience, but keep in mind that this is a service with clear boundaries.

Erotic massage is based on the techniques of classical massage, but differs in priorities. While it still emphasizes muscle relaxation and body regeneration, the main goal is to induce erotic tension and stimulate the senses. Intimate parts are massaged more intensively and part of the experience is often repeated manual climaxes during or at the end of the massage.

Erotic massages can fulfill the function of sexual therapy and are an effective tool for strengthening libido or developing a person’s ability to positively perceive sensory stimuli.

Unlike tantric massage, which seeks a spiritual connection between the masseuse and the client, follows specific rules and uses various tools, classic erotic massage is free from these aspects and focuses primarily on the physical plane.

During a classic massage, it is necessary to set aside enough time so that one can properly relax and fully experience the atmosphere of peace and well-being. On the other hand, erotic massage allows faster relaxation right from the start, thanks to the start in the form of a shower or a bath with a masseuse. This approach effectively breaks down initial reluctance and adaptation to the environment or the masseuse, causing relaxation to come almost immediately. This erotic massage is therefore an ideal solution even for short breaks when you only have thirty minutes at your disposal.

If you are coming to us for the first time, we highly recommend that you set aside at least one hour for the massage to ensure that the full potential of the erotic massage is achieved. Those who already have experience often opt for a two-hour massage for maximum benefit or even have the luxury of a second masseuse, so they can indulge in an unforgettable four-hand massage experience.

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