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It is important to decide in advance on a suitable date for your massage, even before you book it. The reservation can then be made by filling out the quick order form, where you choose the desired type of massage and the masseuse, or by calling our contact number +420 723 323 278, sending an SMS, or communicating with the operator via online chat.

Reserving a massage requires determining the type of massage, its duration and choosing a suitable masseuse . In case of confusion, contact us via any of the indicated channels and we will immediately and with pleasure offer you the option that best meets your expectations and requirements. For a better orientation, you can visit the profiles of our masseuses , and you will definitely appreciate our selection of erotic massages and their lengths, as well as the clear offer of our services .

It is important to place an order for an erotic massage at least 30 minutes in advance, so that all your wishes can be met with quality and completeness.

In order to preserve the privacy and discretion of customers, our Tiffany massage salon is not marked from the outside. After arriving at the address, just ring the bell or call the number +420 723 323 278, and we will let you in. Immediately after entering our premises, we will offer you coffee, tea or something stronger to refresh you. If you have chosen a masseuse, we will guide you directly to her, otherwise you will surely choose from our offer of approximately 10-15 masseuses. The selected masseuse/masseuses will then take you to the massage room, where all the necessary hygiene products will be prepared for you, such as disposable slippers, a bathrobe, men’s cosmetics and more.

In your room, you will first remove the excess layers of clothing, and then you will have the opportunity to refresh yourself in the shower with the masseuse if you wish. As soon as the body warms up and relaxes, we start with the erotic massage itself. We perform the massage on specially designed massage futons. These futons are traditional Japanese mattresses measuring 1.6 x 2.0 meters, for which we have chosen a combination of cotton and wool for optimal comfort, the right firmness and maintaining body temperature. The space is lit only by the creeping light of candles, and during the massage you will hear relaxing music that is perfectly harmonized with the atmosphere. The masseuse uses a warm set of perfumed oils that complete the relaxing experience. If you prefer unadulterated oil, we have plenty of pure oil available for your needs, just mention your preference to the masseuse. Erotic massage includes the whole body with a stronger focus on intimate parts, which you can learn more about in our About us section .
A short time before the end of the massage, we will notify you of the upcoming end, so that you have the opportunity to shower again, either in the company of the masseuse or by yourself – according to your wishes. This will remove the massage oil from the body. After the shower, we will give you enough time to get dressed comfortably, pay for the service and finally the lovely masseuse will accompany you to the exit of our salon.

We will definitely finish the massage at the appointed time or even later. To be sure, allow yourself a 15-minute time reserve for a relaxed, stress-free experience that does not belong in the massage environment. We include reasonable breaks between individual massages, so you don’t meet other clients directly “at the door”.

If you were satisfied with our erotic massage and feel like sharing your impressions, or if you have any comments, complaints or suggestions for improvement, please contact us via e-mail at

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Beautiful design, exciting music, beautiful masseuses, 6 massage rooms, each with a separate shower. Yes! We are the best salon in Prague.

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