Restore strength and energy with a Nuru massage at the Tiffany Massage salon.

Nuru massage, originally from Japan, is a technique that offers a wide range of physical and psychological benefits.

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Comfort and convenience with an erotic massage at your home or hotel: a massage that comes to you.

Erotic massage at your place is a service that is increasingly popular for your comfort and discretion.

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Lingam massage: Deepening the intimate experience and discovering one’s own sexuality

Lingam massage is one of the many tantra massage techniques that focuses on stimulating the male sex organ, the lingam.

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The feeling of pleasure and uniqueness in the Pussycat massage.

Pussycat massage is a special type of massage that combines elements of classic relaxation massage with erotic touch and position 69.

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Body to body massage: Explore a deeper immersion in erotic touch.

Body to body massage is a special kind of erotic massage that focuses on deeper immersion in erotic touch.

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Discover the world of luxury with “Erotic mix massage” at Tiffany massage.

This massage combines elements of classic relaxation massage with erotic touch and stimulation of the intimate parts.

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Salon interior

Beautiful design, exciting music, beautiful masseuses, 6 massage rooms, each with a separate shower. Yes! We are the best salon in Prague.

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