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Foot fetish

What is a foot fetish?

Foot fetish is a sexual hobby in which an individual shows sexual arousal when looking at or touching feet. It’s a relatively common fetish preference and many people openly profess it.

Foot fetish in the Tiffany Massage salon

At Tiffany Massage, we offer an extra service in the form of a foot fetish massage. This add-on service focuses on stimulating the feet and provides a unique experience for those who love feet.

What to expect?

During a foot fetish massage at the Tiffany Massage salon, you can look forward to the professional approach of our masseuses who specialize in working with the feet. During the massage, your feet will be gently massaged, caressed and stimulated with various techniques that will bring you an unforgettable feeling of relaxation and excitement.

It is important to note that foot fetish is primarily focused on feet and their stimulation. Any other sexual services are not allowed in our salon and are not part of foot fetish.

If you are interested in a foot fetish in our Tiffany Massage salon, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and book an appointment.

Time included in the massage
500 CZK
You can add additional services.

FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Piss, Private dance.

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Foot fetish is a sexual hobby in which an individual shows sexual arousal when looking at or touching feet.
A masseuse practicing autoerotics devotes herself to self-love and attention, which is a prelude to an excellent erotic massage that will turn you on.
Prostate massage is first performed on the perineum, which is the area under the testicles facing the anus, before proceeding to direct massage through the anus.
Lap dance is a form of erotic dance with contact. You sit on a chair and the masseuse perfectly prepares you for an erotic massage with her exciting dance.
At the massage salon Tiffany Massage, we offer you the opportunity to try a massage in high heels as an extra service.
French kissing is a great addition to our massages and brings you even more relaxation and pleasure.
A footjob involves using the feet for sexual stimulation. Excitement, stimulation or climax is achieved by moving the legs over intimate areas.
The erotic massage will take place in the privacy of your apartment. The masseuse will provide you with a variety of exciting erotic massage techniques.
Need to spice up your dating life? Are you longing for new experiences and exploring unknown territories of pleasure? Erotic gay massage is right here for your wishes.
Are you longing for intense pleasure and an extraordinary experience? Erotic massage intended for women is exciting, fulfilling and relaxing.
If you’re tired of classic erotic massages, it’s time for a change. Treat yourself to a massage with BDSM elements and immerse yourself in the world of subjugation, teasing and dominance.
Every man wants a massage from two professional masseuses, during which he will also enjoy a show. You will be cared for by two attractive women who will cheer each other up with colorful “play”.
If you are looking for a way to revive your relationship, then a joint massage with a sexy masseuse is exactly what you need. Enjoy an exciting experience next to your partner.
The masseuse performs a traditional Japanese massage using smooth strokes and uses a special nuru gel made from nuru algae, which she rubs on both you and herself.
Lingam massage is fully focused on the male natural and during it you can experience several climaxes.
Exclusive erotic massage on a lounger equipped with a special cut-out for intimate parts. The masseuse first massages your body using light and pleasant touch techniques
Pussycat massage combines different types of erotic massages. You will enjoy a full body massage, during which it is possible to kiss the masseuse’s body in the 69 position
The masseuse will perform an erotic massage using warm oil, when she will slide her body over yours and use her private parts as well..
The combination of classic massage, body-to-body massage and gentle massage of intimate parts represents a perfect synthesis for exploring new dimensions of relaxation with an empathetic masseuse.

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