Erotic massage for couples in Tiffany massage.


  1. Preparing for an erotic massage for couples.
  2. How does the massage begin?
  3. What are the advantages of our salon?
Erotic massage for couples in Tiffany massage.

It’s hard to imagine how unique each of us is. Cheating is something unacceptable for anyone. But, what to do if you simply need to relax? How to be in such a situation? And what if the relationship within the couple has already outlived itself and it is important to create all the conditions in which the former passion will flare up again? An excellent assistant in such a way is a visit to the sessions of erotic massage for couples.

Preparing for an erotic couples massage.

So, you have decided together that you should renew your own relationship. How to help former feelings to flare up again? It turns out, help in establishing love within the couple help real generals of erotic sciences.

Before giving a massage, masseuses of our salon will definitely think over the future plan of the procedure, will do everything so that you get the maximum pleasure. In addition, before starting the massage, we will tell our clients about our plans in advance to understand whether it is worth adding something to the hour of our meeting or removing something.

In some couples, the man is trying to maximize the pleasure of the girl. That is why he may ask the masseuse to do the massage in such a way that his beloved will get maximum pleasure and also a real orgasm. In some situations, a similar thing will be required for men as well. Just remember that erotic massage is not the provision of intimate services. It is working on the erogenous zones of the couple so that they completely relax and establish a relationship with each other.

During the erotic massage in a couple, special attention will be paid to the girl. The fact is that women usually do not visit such places. Basically they feel during the procedure somewhat constrained and can not fully relax. That is why in the work of the masseuse is to bring the main character in the couple maximum pleasure, so that she felt every centimeter of her body. Do not forget that during the procedure, the masseuse can tell you pleasant words, tenderness, so that you are even better attuned to the pleasure.

How does a massage begin?

Before the massage begins, our couples make sure to choose the couples massage for which service will be provided. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the couple should be attentive to each other’s feelings. That is why this point is very responsible and important. You should not just give pleasure to the girl’s ass, but also make her reach the peak of pleasure.

Then the couple chooses a skillful woman who will perform magical caresses. All this is possible to do, guided by the questionnaires that we have. We can confidently say that each of our masseuses has a high level of professionalism. Therefore, you can choose those who satisfy you by external qualities.

The atmosphere of our erotic club completely sets the couple in a relaxing mood. When you are invited to the room for the service, you will also be offered a shower to cleanse yourself after a hard day. These are also simple cleansing and safety measures before this kind of procedure.

Positioned on a comfortable mattress, our two girls (yes, erotic massage for couples involves two specialists) will give you caresses. Moreover, the peculiarity of such a massage is to bring to the peak of pleasure of each of the couple alternately, relaxing and tensing the whole body of the client. This is not always possible, but our masseuses have enough experience to do it with clients.

What are the advantages of our salon?

You know that there is quite a lot of competition in the market of erotic massage services. Especially in Prague. But we are significantly different from other massage parlors, because among our advantages are:

  • Qualitatively rendered services. Our masseuses are constantly improving their skills, trying to bring pleasure to the heroes, thereby working through all your problem points.
  • Complete confidentiality of services. We know that some people do not take visiting this kind of establishments very well. That is why, in order not to embarrass anyone, we do not disclose information about our clients and their preferences.
  • Full of cozy atmosphere and privacy.
  • Pleasant music.
  • Convenient location. To us you can reach both by public transportation and by personal transportation.

As a result, turning to the salon of erotic massage you can be sure that you will leave us absolutely renewed person, and your couple will become even stronger than it was before the wedding.

Believe me, our masseuses work as hard as possible, so that every client was satisfied with the time and money spent. With us you can make any dream come true, of course, within reason.

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