Nuru massage: features of sweet relaxation.


  1. What is Nuru massage.
  2. Erotic body-to-body massages for men.
  3. Come to Tiffany massage salon for a Nuru massage.
Nuru massage: features of sweet relaxation.

A man will definitely like the Japanese massage technique. She is so sensual that she leaves no one indifferent. One or two naked beauties will rub their gorgeous curves against the client’s body. For better gliding, all participants in the game cover their bodies with a transparent gel – slippery and smooth.

What is Nuru massage?

For relaxation, you need to choose the most beautiful masseuse among our girls. She is completely naked and will help the guest undress. Before starting a Nuru massage, the beauty slowly and languidly rubs a transparent, odorless, tasteless slippery gel made from brown seaweed into her body.

She also covers the skin of her partner with warm healing liquid, without missing a single millimeter. You will receive this Japanese-style service in Prague by contacting our salon.

After the bodies are wrapped in gel, the young geisha lies on top of the guy and begins to press very closely against him. A man and a charming girl literally merge into one.

During the massage, the beauty rubs her breasts, nipples, tummy, thighs, legs and elbows against her partner. The client shudders from such gentle caresses. What adds heat is that the skin becomes silky and very slippery, there are no obstacles to gentle massaging.

Erotic body-to-body massages for men.

Treat yourself to an erotic Nuru massage by choosing any program from our price list. The body technique is included in all sessions, you just need to order the application of seaweed massage lotion.

It gives the process even more sensuality and passion. For guys, there are many interesting scenarios with body massage on the body; they can build their own relaxation, complementing the chosen program.

The massage begins with classic touches. After warming up, the girl begins to stimulate the man’s erogenous zones. Each person’s “hot” spots may be different, so talk about your wishes and preferences in advance. Massaging the female body goes well with such types of relaxation as:

  • Pussycat massage – kissing the whole body with Nuru technique has a very gentle effect on the client, the finale will be unforgettable;
  • stimulation of the lingam – during the massage the skilled woman caresses the main male organ, giving the guy unearthly bliss;
  • cocktail shower with a cute young lady – during water fun she will wash your body with her charms, using them instead of a washcloth;
  • frank touching the masseuse – stroke her silky skin with your palms, she will like it;
  • different types of imitation – “cowgirl”, “69” position, imitation of the neck, play with the beauty, this is a very sensual relaxation.

You can stop at a session with two masseuses. They will slide over your body one by one until you are completely relaxed.

Come to Tiffany massage salon for a Nuru massage.

Book an erotic massage in Prague; you don’t have to go to Japan to try the amazing Nuru technique. Massage has great benefits for the body.

It revives masculine strength, makes the skin elastic and silky, relieves stress and depression, and charges a man with positive energy.

Come to the Tiffany massage salon whenever it is convenient for you, it is open 24 hours a day. Find out about all the delights of Nuru massage not from words, but personally, by trying it for yourself. After such a session, you will have the most vivid impressions, you will want to repeat the thrill again. This can be done endlessly, choosing new masseuses each time.

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